About Us

Name: Ben Thompson

Date of Birth: Sunday

Occupation: Medical Student at the University of Dundee (luckily unaffiliated with this blog)

Interests: Films, Video Games, The Ever-Growing Mysteries of the Universe, Origami, Preparing Food, Eating Food, Excreting Excess Food Waste

Favourite Food: Nachos

Favourite Drink: Tea/Rum/Tea with Rum in it/Rum with Tea in it/Gin

Mode of Transportation: Bantha

Favourite Emotion: Apple

Plans for World Domination: Halted


Name: Rhona Shennan

Date of Birth: Some time in the nineties, it was a blur for all of us.

Occupation: A student of the theatre and the film at some university (also unaffiliated with this blog... for now).

Interests: Films, music, books, ordering things online that I really don't need, the preparation and subsequent consumption of food, hair products and headphones.

Preferred superpower: Teleportation

Favourite food: Pasta. All pasta. Every pasta.

Wardrobe colour scheme: Black

Favourite drink: Southern Comfort with lime and lemonade, y'know, if you're buying.

Favourite bad joke: What's the difference between a dirty bus stop and a large breasted crab? One's a crusty bus station and one's a busty crustacean.   

What Is It All About?

Are you a human/replicant/mineral? Do you have the ability to read? Do you harbour an insatiable disdain for the rest of the world and its illogical quarrels? 

This is a blog written by two reclusive, cynical geeks for other reclusive cynical geeks, a safe haven of disillusioned bitterness and pop culture references among the stormy seas of tolerance and relevant knowledge that is the modern world. We hope for this blog to be open to as many people from the dark, seedy labyrinthian abyss that is our culture as is possible; whether your vice be film, video games or home-made Christmas tree decorations, you have a home here, and you shall forever be welcome.

Come now, my children, to the realm of darkness.
Nog hai ygof'nn ah shogg.

Important Notice: I heard there's this thing called trigger warnings people use... I don't know how fractally to take this so I've opted not to. If you're affected by anything on this blog, please let me know and I'll make you a picture of a kitten to say sorry. Unless kittens trigger you, in which case it'll be of a mayfly. Seriously, none of the content of this blog is meant to harm or marginalise anyone, so please let me know if anything I say affects you.

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