Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ben and Rhona's Craptacular Academy Awards Low-Down! - Part 1

oscar, academy awards
So much letter-glisten...
That week is upon us once again, ladies and gents, when we as a global community gather together to watch lots of rich people in fancy suits gawk at each other for a grand total of five minutes before we get bored of vapid Hollywood navel gazing and go find something else to do. Possibly procure a farmyard animal to sodomise or whatever it is we non-rich-white-Americans do instead of shoving gold statues into each other's rectums while telling each other how important we are.

banjo, deliverance
Hollywood's idea of the average viewer.
But it's not about the red carpet parade, it's about the movies; I love movies. I also love tactless derision and ruining things for other people so, in that spirit, my good friend Rhona and I have gathered together to make fun of what we love for your enjoyment. And what better a time is there to cast our mocking gaze over the wonderful world of cinema like a sarky Eye of Sauron than the week of the Academy Awards? Of course, it would be boring to just review the films in the running like normal people so instead we have decided to look at each of the nine candidates for Best Picture this year and explain why you should definitely not go to see these films, finishing with our choice for the 86th Academy Awards Worst Best Picture, because no-one is ever allowed to have nice things.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Film Favourites: Only Yesterday

only yesterday film poster

Hello, dear readers. For some time now I've reviewed films and games and talked incessantly about stuff for pages and pages of precious internet space. I've decided that in order to prepare myself for the all-too-real threat of the shapeless void that is exam stress and to save you, dear reader, some time in your own procrastination efforts, I shall start a new series of blog posts that are built around a shorter template.

twin peaks dancing midget
But still just as entertaining and full of intrigue; like a dancing midget.
The first of these new condensed posts is a series I shall call Film Favourites, where I let you in on some of the movies that are not only great, but also hold a place much closer to my heart on a personal level; either as a result of nostalgia, relation to my own experiences or because they've managed to shape the very person that I am today.

Tim curry rocky horror
Let that be a lesson to future parents everywhere.

The Film

The first film on the list is also one of my most beloved movies of all time: Isao Takahata's Only Yesterday, or Omohide Poro Poro if you're into knowing the phonetic translation of movie titles. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

It's "About Time" I Reviewed This *wink*

Richard Curtis movies are an odd bunch. They're funny, full of character, oh-so-British and yet they all feel so similar. The timing of my post a few days from Valentine's Day (here's some cards if you need them) might suggest what the common, far too heavily trodden theme of his movies is. That's correct: love. Who doesn't love love, right?

"I love escalated Milwaukee whale's vagina". One-liner movies confuse me.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Valentine's Day Cards for the Average Geek

Portal companion cube
Portal references: A surefire way to attract geeks.
Difficulty - 0/5
Duration - 0/5 (You literally just print it out and you're done, what more do you want?)

It's Valentine's Day in just over a week, ladies and gents. I hope you've all remembered to book that really fancy restaurant and get lots of flowers and cards and other high profit-margin items to give to your better half to prove your undying devotion to the capitalist giants that dictate our every waking thought and action.

reusable shopping bag
The slogans on some of the bags for life are unnervingly appropriate.
If you've forgotten to do all of those things then I've got good news for you: there's always McDonald's. For the other small matter of finding the right way to tell them you care I've taken the time to compile some completely original (and not already over-used) geek-themed Valentine's Day card designs for you to print out and lovingly shove in your boy/girlfriend's face. They're watermark-free seeing as I've essentially just spliced licensed properties into cheesy jokes, however please be nice and don't straight up nick them to pretend that you're as funny and charming and well-endowed as me; all I ask is for recognition of my genius.

You'll find a download link and a classic Ben-quip [patent pending] to put inside the card underneath each image so go, spread your feelings (and my designs, yay) like so many love-juice based illnesses: