Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Easy Ornaments: Rum Bottle Roses

Difficulty - 1/5
Duration - 1/5

Let's keep this quick, shall we? I've got a lot of work to be doing and not a hell of a lot of time to be doing it in; exams are this week and most of my time is currently taken up with sitting in the corner of my room rocking back and forth. To distract myself from impending doom for a little bit, I thought I'd show you something pretty I made:

rum bottle dried rose kraken
Yup, I wrote all those textbooks.
It's nice, no? And it's as easy as persecuting racial minorities to make if you want one of your own. All you need is a bottle of your choice -

kraken rum bottle
Choose your poison.
- a couple of bags of sand of whatever colour takes your fancy -

bag of white sand
If you don't have any on hand, substitute with uncut cocaine.
- and a dried flower.

dried red rose
Wet ones are too floppy.
The flower I've used was from the bunch of cheap Lidl roses I got Fiona for our anniversary (ever the classy bird, me) and she's actually posted a little tutorial on her blog on how to dry the flowers to preserve them. The gist is pretty simple though, so I'll boil it down for you here; take some pretty flowers - 

red rose
- hang them upside down - 

red roses hanging
*Mission Impossible theme*
- wait a week -

red roses hanging
"How's it...hanging? *pfft*"
- and lo and behold, many a hyphen later you have yourself a crunchy version of your flowers.

bouquet of dried red roses
Spares can be bundled into a lovely bouquet.
All that's left to do is make sure your bottle is devoid of booze, mash all of the items together and voila, you've got yourself a lovely window ledge/coffee table/family crypt ornament for your home. You can tell people it represents the strength of your love persevering against the sands of time and your own latent alcoholism. Or that it's a pretty flower in a rum bottle; up to you.

rum bottle dried rose kraken
I'll be back up to full steam as of next week once exams are out of the way. We might even be increasing the posting schedule to twice a week, so prepare yourselves for a summer of epicness and intrigue! Until then, wish me luck for the rest of these pissing exams.

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