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Guest Post - Naomi's CeX Haul

Well hello there! As you can see from the title of this blog post I am neither Rhona nor Ben, but a friend filling a little space on the web. This post may feel a little weird to read if you're used to their writing but be patient and we'll get to the end.

So I am a very close friend of Ben and since becoming friendly with him he has introduced me to a number of things: how to criticise films effectively by seeing the messages behind the film, how to spend more money than I need to on des joux du video but most importantly how to save the money up for these games by shopping at CeX.

Cabaret film 1972 money makes the world go round gif
"Money makes the world go round."
As you may or may not know CeX is a high street shop which buys people's used games, films and other techy accoutrements (phones, consoles, controllers etc.) and sells them on to other humans. It's a flawless plan! You either earn a little money or buy something for cheaper than when it was new new. AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I HADN'T USED IT B.B. (Before Ben)!!!!

Since discovering the joys of buying numerous films and games as cheap as chips, I've seen that you can justify buying all those terrible films you guiltily wanted to see but were not about to burn your money going to see it at the cinema or on DVD new (like Bad Teacher, a truly dull and boring film for just 50p, yet you can't help but swoon that tiny bit over Justin Timberlake in those teacher glasses/jumpers/cardigans...). OR grab those little gems you watched when you were younger that you'd completely forgotten about that you just NEEEEEED for those nostalgic hits when adult life just gets that little too much and you're lying on the floor staring through the ceiling. OR See something random and pick it up and find it's the best thing ever? You just never know.

So let me talk you through my most recent splurge at CeX, buying 8 films for £4.50.

the lego movie film 2014 gif
Haul summary, Hit em'!

A Little Princess

Rating: U
Price: 50p
a little princess 1995

This film was bought because I haven't seen it in so many years and the only memories I have of it are a monkey and walking between houses on a tightrope or plank of wood... and that's just not good enough! My little sister had the same response I did when I saw the title amongst the reflective sleaves "Oh The Little Princess, we watched that when we were little... what on earth happens...?". So I need to poke my memory place and awaken the reason why even after all these years I have this strange compulsion to watch it.

From the blurb I can decipher that the film is an adaptation of Frances Hodgeson Burnett's tale A Little Princess published in 1905 about a young girl (Sara Crewe, Liesel Matthews) who is moved away from her home in India where she lived with her father (An English Captain and widower) to study at a bording school in New York reigned by a miserable headteacher. She tries not to lose her imagination as the colours of India are replaced by the bleak city landscape.

A Knight's Tale

Rating: PG
Price: 50p

heath ledger a knights tale 2001
Heath-Senpai... *shiny anime eyes*
If you don't know this film, GO WATCH IT! It's lighthearted and fun, and you'll fall in love with Heath Ledger just like you did in 10 Things I Hate About You and you won't find him dangerously sexy like in The Dark Knight. Sexy knights, nudity and farting... Those are the bits I vividly remember, a simple start from nothing to getting the girl story which is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon or evening when you need something fun to iron to.


Rating: 12
Price: 50p
Little monsters blanket fort comic a guide to blanket forts

This is a blind purchase... What can I say; I saw Health Ledger in period dress and they said it was like Shakespeare in Love, and that's definitely one of those guilty pleasure movies. So I'm hoping for more of the same!! The blurb tells me Casanova (Heath Ledger) meets his match in Francesca (Sienna Miller) and a tale unfolds of a game to find each other while risking life and reputation for true love! I can't wait!!! To enjoy this film fully many nibbles will need to be gathered, along with pyjamas, slippers and blanket forts! As long as it's as awful as it sounds, it shall be perfect.

The Devil Wears Prada

Rating: 12
Price: 50p

what oh this old thing meme snake

You watch this film because Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep are just amazing. Yes Anne Hathaway is also there but she just never really impresses me... But this film is fun, frivolous and fabulous! And it just so happens I wanted to watch it recently and didn't own it! It fills a little "I feel rubbish today and I need to watch a film where someone achieves something through the struggles of life" space. Mini-blurb: an underdog struggles through the challenges of a busy office space run by someone far more important than them, eventually to be respected for who they are. I love it.

The Boat that Rocked (also know as Pirate Radio)

Rating: 15
Price: 50p
bed scene naked ladies girls the boat that rocked pirate radio 2009
"HEEEEEEEEEEY Sexy ladies" - Psy
This was a film I blindly picked from LOVEFiLM a good long while ago and I just really enjoyed it. It's about a boat where cool music is played and broadcast to the children of the 60s as a rebellion to the classical music radio stations. As you can see from the picture above the film does not take itself seriously. At the same time it follows Carl (Tom Sturridge) through the journey of discovering himself and experiencing things for the first time, and this story behind the silliness keeps the movie grounded.

Hot Fuzz

Rating: 15
Price: 50p
the three flavours cornetto trilogy shaun of the dead hot fuzz the world's end fences jumping

The first time I watched this film I was by myself (probably eating all sorts of naughty nibbles) and I just was giggling at the ridiculousness of it all! It was my introduction to The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy and is still my favourite. The story of a Police Officer (Simon Pegg) who is so good at his job that the rest of the department have nothing to do so he's sent away from the city for crime rates to increase again. Once settled in a sleepy little village, bored out of his brains, strange things start to happen with the stupidly gory deaths of a number of characters concluding in a hand-brake turn into the credits. It's a silly movie I've now watched 3 times and enjoyed every viewing and will continue to do so. Mainly bought in case I don't have access to Ben's copy because he's been absorbed into some odd cloaked cult; a necessary part of my DVD collection!

The Pianist

Rating: 15
Price: £1
the boy in striped pyjamas 2008 fence

I was initially confused when Ben mentioned this film as I thought he was talking about the film The Piano, an incredibly weird film which my 70+ year old piano teacher told me to watch and I was a bit weirded out by the recommendation of... But no, this film (based on a true story) is about a man who tries to not be defeated by The War (it gets its own capitals) and the struggles of man in such a time. I have not watched it but expect to cry. So hard. I've visited Ypres and the reminder of the atrocities of war just breaks me. The lives of people facing this at the time, those not on the front line, are the stories I want to hear (like The Boy In Stiped Pyjamas, shown above) I'm going to need someone with me while I watch this.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Rating: 18
Price: 50p
eezma the emperor's new groove 2000
Let's start by saying, I do not enjoy horror, thriller or gory films. Rape, torture and other unpleasantries I run far, far away from, so you won't be surprised to hear that I WILL NOT be watching this film. It is for my mum. She shares the odd fascination that my grandma has with dark, daaaark creepy stories. Ever heard of Wallander? Decapitated head in a stream, it's all very unpleasant. I'm sure it's great TV if you like it but gah!

But anyway, I got the Swedish version based on the Millennium book series by Steig Larsson following the awesome-looking Leisbeth Salander (Noomie Rapace) as she becomes trapped in a world of a dark and dysfunctional family whilst avoiding the dangers that come with it.

So... all in all a funny little mix that I'll enjoy (apart from the last one... that is not my cup of warm milky chai with honey). This is not the last time CeX will take my money off me and I skip across the mountains jovially!

Thank's for reading, maybe I'll see you again some time. Naomi xxx

garnet steven universe heart hands

Kindly edited by Ben

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