Saturday, 25 October 2014

Let's Talk About Music - What I'm Listening To Right Now

Yes, another music post! Someone should really comment saying whether you actually like music posts or not, but no-one has complained (yet...) and so I shall continue on as planned! This is just a post letting you know what my songs of the moment are, maybe they'll spruce up your music collection or maybe you'll hate them, who knows!

AWOLNATION, not your fault, concert, singer, black and white
Everyone's eyes are blacked out ... art!
Rock out with this one guys, it's a proper ear worm and if you're not singing it three days after listening to it, then you're the only one. And it's not your fault. Puns(?)!

Manchester Orchestra, now that you're home, artwork, woman, television, bed, polaroid picture
Polaroid picture ... art!
Another rocky song, but what can I say, I'm really diggin' it right now.

Mary Lambert, secrets, woman, red hair, nose ring, floral dress
Nose ring ... art!
This is definitely a 'walking/dancing down the street with a big smile on your face' type of song. A type of song that makes you say, "I don't give a shit! You don't like me? I don't give a shit! Just missed my train? I don't give a shit, gonna take the day off!".

George Ezra, cassy o', man, blonde, lying down
Stairs ... art!
Anything by George Ezra is golden in my book, however Cassy O' is one that always stuck with me a little longer than the others. But only by a fraction, it was a tough call I tells yah.

cajun dance party, the race, sunflowers, artwork
Sunflowers ... art? Art.
I've had Cajun Dance Party on my iPod for a while now without actually really listening to them, so imagine my pleasure surprise when this gem cropped up on shuffle one day.

I know this isn't up to my usual standard of writing, but I'm going to play the university/part time job card again. Times are tough, ya-dig? However I really do enjoy writing for this blog and I want to ensure that I'm putting out the highest quality content I can every week, so hopefully back to regular broadcasting next Saturday. Hope y'all have a good week.

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