Saturday, 1 November 2014


I literally started two different posts to put on The Pop Culture Cynic this evening, but my brain is so fried from various different things that I can't really string together a coherent sentence let alone an insightful review of the film and the TV show I was going to look at. So what am I going to write about now? I'm going to take a note out of Ben's book and fill you in on what I've been up to as of late. Sure, maybe not as good reading as a film review, but at least it'll help you guys to get to know me a little better rather than a semi-faceless reviewer on the other side of your computer screen.

Flashbacks to two years ago.
As some of you may or may not know, I study theatre and film at university. My current projects are as follows: a film essay discussing independent cinema vs Hollywood mainstream using a film of my choice as the case study (I went with Boys Don't Cry because I hate myself), coming up with an idea for a ten minute film, another film essay, a drama essay of a close reading of a play that I've not read yet and a ten minute screenplay. I do upload the films that we made as exercises during the week to YouTube if you want to check them out - my channel mainly consists of my films from second year (we don't talk about first year, eugh) and these exercises that I mentioned not a moment ago. These exercises are just to help us get familiar with the new editing software that we get to use in third year and to help us think about things like continuity and editing a bit better, so don't be expecting epic stories or anything.

Boot Camp

If she ain't crying tears of blood, then it ain't real boot camp.
Yeah, Boot Camp is a thing I go to now. Myself and my flatmate though it would be a great idea to go, yaknow, get fit and healthy and all that jazz. Oh my god, the amount of times I genuinely thought I was going to pass out was ridiculous. I kept waiting for the guy to shout, "And two minute rest!" but he didn't. He just kept yelling more exercises to do. For an hour. No breaks. I'm not a fit person, dear reader; I can barely jog up a flight of stairs without needed a solid five minutes to recuperate. And this guy is ruthless. There was a point where my flatmate and I paused for a second and she turned to me and said, "Aren't the stars so pretty?" and the guy screamed, "DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT STOPPING." I shat myself. Metaphorically, but still. Can't wait for next week! Ha. Ha. Ha.


Wonder how many centimetres the grass will grow this episode!
I've started watching How To Get Away With Murder (review pending), I've been rewatching Happy Endings (because it's the best, please watch it, it's all on YouTube, thank the sweet lord) and I've been reading The Red Men by Matthew De Abaitua. It's fab; will probably review when I'm finished because I've really been enjoying it.

Okay, I know that was literally the most boring post I've done thus far, but life sucks. Deal with it.

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