Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Very Merry Christmas from The Pop Culture Cynic

'Tis the season, readers! I hope you've all got yourselves nice and ready for the big day, when families and friends gather together to celebrate the birth of that guy at the beginning of The Life of Brian.

life of brian film 1979 graham chapman crucifixion always look on the bright side of life
"Any of you guys know what happened to that Jesus bloke?"
I've taken the convenient opportunity of a public holiday to fob off on writing anything worthwhile, so instead I thought I'd let you know what I'm been doing for Christmas so my loyal band of crazy stalkers can emulate my festive cheer to the letter.

crazy one direction fans girls screaming
The standard reaction whenever I go to the toilet with the door open.
Presents are all wrapped and food is all bought for the big day, so the main task for today was making the trifle. Ooo, challenging. Sponge fingers, half a bottle of sherry, a little dash of the stuff actually in the trifle, and you're good. As for the rest of the day, family tradition calls for the need to get pleasantly pickled and watch the original Alistair Sim version of Scrooge. Screw this Muppets crap, you canny beat the bug-eyed glory of the original.

alistair sim scrooge 1951 film jacob marley scene
All hail the mantis king!
I'm on dinner tomorrow what with me dearest mammy having to work Christmas Day (I know, pray for her), so it'll be a busy afternoon slaving over a hot stove before pressies in the evening. But the real awesome stuff ain't until New Year. We be going on a cruise! At New Year; with the big Christmas tree and everything. Wait, hold on. Ah shit, we're doing The Poseidon Adventure; I'd best befriend an ex-Olympic swimmer.

the poseidon adventure 1972 film capsize scene christmas tree
"We should really stop sending cruise liners out around this time of year."
Seens as I'll be away for New Year there won't be any posts next week; so this was really just a long way of saying you're getting nothing for two weeks.

Merry Christmas. Love Ben.

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