Saturday, 2 August 2014

Let's Talk About Music - Top Five Going-Out Songs

Hello, hello and hello! That's right, I'm going to talk about music again but, instead of indie goodness, I'm going to chat about five songs that get me in the going out, party mood. I'm going away on holiday on Saturday and I've had a very busy week, so I've only just gotten round to writing my post today (Friday), so many apologies if this post isn't up to the usual high standard of writing that myself and Ben spoil you guys with twice a week, but I'm trying to write this and pack and eat dinner and do about twelve other things at once! Excuses upon excuses made, let's get to the music, shall we? Same as last time, I've linked the youtube video of the song in the title, or you can click here and listen along with a handy-dandy playlist of all the songs I'm going to talk about.

Wasted Tiesto featuring Matthew Koma EP single cover
I keep thinking it says 'Matthew Korma' and now I want a curry.
The very first lines to come out of this song are, "I like us better when we're wasted." If that doesn't make you want to drink, then I don't know what will. It's a song about drinking, which does indeed, make me want to drink. It's a right little ear-worm as well. If I hear it once, that's me for the rest of the day, singing it, humming it, whistling it and so on and so forth in that fashion. The really clear, distinctive sound of the drum throughout the song is a great way to create that dance-y feeling within me, and after a few drinks, that feeling definitely takes over.

Ghost ella henderson EP single cover
Staring off wistfully into the distance never looked so good.
I came across this song after my flatmate was singing it non-stop. She then eventually played it for me and I instantly fell in love with it. Similarly to Wasted, this is another song that will get stuck in my head for ever and ever. I'm singing it right now, actually. Ella Henderson has such a great voice that I get a little mad that I can't sing like her. But then I sing along anyway and the madness melts away, because her voice could melt the toughest of hearts. Just listen to her. Rather than the strong sound of a drumbeat being used to bring out the need to dance, it uses a lot of clapping-like noises for percussion during the chorus which is great because as someone who cannot dance, clapping along to a song is a go-to "move" if you will and it definitely makes me feel somewhat more connected to the song.

I love it featuring Charlie XCX Icona Pop Single EP cover
I don't know what they're wearing on their heads, but I want one.
At this point, this song is probably considered, for a lack of better words, old. It had it's time in the spotlight and it was grand but now everyone has moved on. Everyone except me. I love this song. As soon as I hear that heavy, distorted bass, I know instantly what song it is and I flip out. I like how clear the vocals are and how simple the lyrics are, because it means that you can easily learn the words by about a minute into the song. Plus, since it's fifteen minutes of fame, it means that pretty much everyone knows the words to this song, and who doesn't love that atmosphere when you're out somewhere dancing (badly) and everyone is singing along to the same song?

Thrift Shop featuring Wanz Macklemore and ryan lewis single EP cover
That jacket is something I need in my life.
Pretty much everything I said about 'I love It' can be applied to 'Thrift Shop'. It had it's time in the sun, now everyone has moved on (again). Apart from me (again). The fact that everyone knows the words to this song makes for a great environment when you're out and trying (and failing) to rap along the verses is half the fun. The other half is feeling like a suave badass when singing the chorus and getting to "This is fucking awesome!". I was torn between Thrift Shop and Can't Hold Us simply because Can't Hold Us is great. But I think Thrift Shop has a more nostalgic aspect to it because I remember this song getting played way more during my uni nights out rather than Can't Hold Us, which is fair enough since Thrift Shop came out first.
Let's dance to joy division the wombats album single EP cover
Something witty.
Okay, it wouldn't be a Rhona playlist without at least one indie-rock song. Let's be real. Again, it's a song about drinking, dancing and being happy. You can fit in a healthy dose of head-banging goodness when this song comes on amidst some of the heavier, bassy kind of songs. Get ready for some sweet air guitar moves as well, cause hot damn does this song allow for that. An absolutely brilliant slice of fried gold. I haven't come across a person who can resist a cheeky little boogie when this song comes tumbling out the speakers. At the very least, a sneaky foot tap wriggles its way through.

I'm going to wrap things up now as I still have holiday things to take care of, so until next week, that is me! I hope you enjoy my selection of tunes and have a good week! Feel free to let me know what your going out choons are; we can swap notes.

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