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Putting the PRO in Procrastination - YouTube

I am dreadfully sorry about my lack of posting last week. Basically what happened was this - I was staying at a house which wasn't my own and only had access to what can only be described as the first laptop to ever be assembled, with the single slowest internet connection I've ever experienced, and as a result of this meant it wasn't particularly compatible with Blogger. Like, not even in the slightest. Posting just wasn't an option, there was no way I was getting one up, so I do apologise, sincerely! If the feeling of injustice has risen within you, feel free to take to the comments and leave punishment suggestions (please be gentle). But for now, shall we get on with the post?

Hey, you, you there! Yes, you! Is there something you should be doing right now? Of course there is, and if not, you're either a filthy liar or you have your shit together and either way, I don't wish to be associated with you. I'm taking the form of the little devil on your shoulder that totally kicks the little angel's ass and I'm giving you five (five seems like a good list-y number, okay?!) YouTube channels to check out instead of doing, psch, work. So, in no particular order, here we go!

Cinema Sins
cinema sins logo film review youtube
An amazing thing happens when you stare at this logo with little enough
sleep ... It looks weird as fuck.
Do you want to listen to a guy shit on your favourite movies that isn't Ben? Well here's the answer! Ruthlessly picking apart films bit by bit, Cinema Sins tally up mistakes, lack of logic and sheer stupidity to award a certain amount of sins at the end of a video and a punishment for which the film should be subjected to. No film is left untouched, even films that the narrator - whose name I don't know, but I'm tempted to call Jack for some unknown reason ... - enjoys, but won't turn a blind eye to. There are times where I do disagree with some sins awarded to a film, but nonetheless, he raises a lot of good points. 
your movie sucks youtube film review
This guy doesn't really have a logo, so enjoy the thumbnail from a recent
Want to listen to a guy shit on all your favourite movies that isn't Ben or Cinema Sins? Boy do I have the channel for you! Adam Johnson is the mind behind Your Movie Sucks and although both Cinema Sins and Your Movie Sucks are both film review channels, each of them take very different approaches to the medium. Where Cinema Sins is more objective and pretty level headed about things, You Movie Sucks is much more about Adam's personal opinions about a certain film and is prone to get a little shouty when a film is so dumb beyond belief. Again, there are times when I disagree with certain opinions of his but it doesn't get in the way of my enjoyment of a film. Because this isn't his full time job, unfortunately Your Movie Sucks doesn't upload particularly often (whereas Cinema Sins uploads pretty regularly).

MyDrunkKitchen cook book comedy youtube
Ah, My Drunk Kitchen, how I love thee. Behind this channel is the frustratingly likeable Hannah Hart. You couldn't hate her if you tried. But why would you try? She's awesome. What started as a joke between her and a friend quickly pushed Hannah into the YouTube spotlight and she has taken that into her stride spectacularly. Spawning a hilarious (drunken) cookery show, touring said show across the world (Hello Harto), writing a Cook Book (which I may or may not have pre-ordered), touring with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart (no relation) doing a comedy show called No Filter, making a film with the two previously mentioned friends called Camp Takota, music videos, a clothing line, as well as other various collaborations and charity events, I'd say she hasn't done too badly for herself. Her videos are funny, clever and often quite heartfelt, especially when she does more vloggy type things and not MDK. She also is the queen of puns, so what's not to love?

sorted food cookery cook book youtube
Something witty.
So I'm a person who really loves cookery, and I'm long over-due a cooking post on Pop Culture Cynic (next week perhaps?), so from comedy cookery, to legit cookery, I present to you Sorted Food! I would say their demographic is students as they tend to try and make so called 'fancy food' easier to make by offering tips and tricks and cheats. I also tend to get in a bit of a loop when I watch their videos because I'll be watching a recipe for one thing, then see something in the reccomended videos list and think "ooh, that sounds nice!" then click on that video. Repeat a million times and suddenly it's four in the morning and I'm learning how to get the perfect crackling on my roast on my pork joint, which of course is vital for every vegetarian. They're pretty active on various social media platforms and are great for interacting with their audience, which I think is good because you see so many "Youtube Celebrities" that think they're above the people that watch them. They also have a cook book of their own, if you fancied checking that out.

BriTANick comedy film youtube
I want a cartoon version of my head punctuating my name; so unfair.
Okay,  if you haven't heard of BriTANick, I don't know what rock you've been living under, but you'd better just go watch their videos. Go. Go watch. Now. Their videos are hilarious. Or, if you prefer something longer than a two or three minute youtube video, you can watch their film: Eagles are turning People into Horses. Yeah, it's exactly how the title sounds. Exactly. 

Until next week, o'faithful readers!

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