Sunday, 10 August 2014

Top Five Hangover Foods

Hello faithful readers, I am so dreadfully sorry about the lack of Saturday post this week, hence my mad dash to get a post out today (Sunday) to make up for it! I could throw out a few excuses (been very busy, literally didn't have time to write a post, totally slipped my mind amidst other things yadda yadda yadda) but no-one likes to read poorly executed excuses, so instead I'll offer my apologies once again. Having gone out last night, I'm feeling a little delicate this fine (read: rainy and miserable) day and I thought I'd channel my roughness into energy for a post and discuss what my top five hangover foods are! Normal post will resume next week, I promise, but for now, just embrace it. Now this isn't any of your scientific shit, I won't be talking about the most effective foods that boost your health after drinking, this is just straight up what I want to eat when I wake up and wish I could die.
1. Pizza

pizza food cheese hungover
Get in my mouth right now.
Ah pizza, the ultimate comfort food, how I love thee! Pizza was my particular choice of edibles today, which is why it's first on the list. The rich tomato sauce, the ooey-gooey cheese, the crust perfect for dipping in sauces of your own choosings (BBQ fo' always), the multitude of toppings, gosh, there just isn't anything wrong with pizza. It's so versatile as well, you can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Hail pizza

2. Fry Up

beans mushrooms toast eggs sausages hash brown tomato fry up food
This post was a terrible idea, now I'm just hungry.
A bit more of a classic option here, and one I do have a special place in my heart for. Again, the glory of the fry up is how much you can change it up! There is not one specific set of ingredients required. Want hash browns? That's great! Don't really fancy mushrooms? That's cool! Scrambled eggs instead of fried? Not a problem-o! It always looks like a massive portion, but everyone has it within themselves to finish off a fry up, no matter how large the plate.
3. Chinese Food  

Chinese food spring rolls dipping sauce hungover
I. Am. Starving. Now.
Oh Chinese food! I'll always associate eating Chinese food when I'm hungover with my first year of university (which seems like so long ago!), because after a night out, me and my flatmates and whoever else was staying with us would crawl through to the living room/kitchen area, talk about everything that happened on the night out and basically hang out till four o'clock, because that was when the Chinese takeaway opened and we would be their first order of the day because, at bang on the hour, I was on the phone with the list of what everyone wanted clutched in my fist, ready to place the order. I'd always get the portion of mini vegetarian spring rolls and the salt and spicy chips. Absolutely drenched in soy sauce, of course. Divine.
4. Burrito

burrito Mexican food salsa guacamole rice hungover
We have descended into a straight-up food porn post. I regret nothing!
Is there any better a food to tear into like a mindless zombie, ripping away the tin foil and shoving into your face, rice, guacamole and salsa smearing across your face? Burritos are something you get uniquely immersed in. By which I mean literally, because your face gets totally immersed in the food, which is by no means a bad thing. The soft tortilla wrap, the amazing fillings of your choice, oh I do love it!

5. Raspberry Sorbet

raspberry sorbet hungover
*Grabby hands*
Okay, you have to bear with me on this one. After a night out, I don't particularly feel like having anything too creamy, so ice-cream is a no-no. But I want something cold and refreshing and one day on a whim I bought a tub of raspberry sorbet because it was on offer and boy did it change my life! It's sweet but not too sweet because of the sharpness of the berry, it's smooth but not creamy and it's just amazing. I'd also accept ice-lollies of some description as well, because I don't know about you guys, but I certainly am not built for this weather we've been having recently of heat, warmth and hotness, so I definitely want something to cool me down and refresh me.

Okay, I'm going to wrap things up here because I feel like I'm going to die and a car alarm has been set off just outside my window and if it doesn't get shut off soon, I am going to write an angry letter on my laptop then throw said laptop out the window and hit the car. Till next week, with a proper post, I swear! Feel free to post in the comments what your favourite hangover foods are!


  1. Give me all of the first four... I guess to see how effective the fifth is I'll have to do some serious drinking... :)

  2. Pro tip: put one slice of pizza on top of another, with some sauce in between. The body doesn't know that it isn't just one slice.

    (Also, I am sorely disappointed that Irn Bru isn't on this. No nonsense about how it isn't a food.)